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“Society from a child’s perspective”

What it is that i see!

Society is made up of many different people who are in positions of influence. This effects our everyday lives. I am a 12-year-old and I have a part to play in society. This can be shown in different ways for example I am a student, peacemaker, christian, brother and so on.

Society is a group of people working together in a community, club, union etc. It can be an organisation created by people with the intention of supporting other people. I am a child who goes to school, plays and learns the piano.

There are so many different roles in society. Education plays an important part in society. All over the world people are learning new things to help them develop further. Some people are involved in sports and others invest their time in creative things like drawing. In the end whatever you do reflects on society.

This is not the case for everyone around the world. Usually children who do not have an education live in developing countries and they are forced to collect water because they may die of thirst. They are forced to do jobs to help support their families.. This is because people don’t have time to help people in the developing countries.

I would like everyone have the same opportunity to learn because everyone deserves it. To do this I would get experienced teaches to help the inexperienced teachers with teaching. For kids who cannot go to school because of the distance, there should be tutors provided by the government. This will allow the kids to learn at home. This would be good for the government to focus on the third world countries. For kids doing jobs for the families, the government can provide the family with extra money or clean water etc. The government should raise money to give children and teachers the best tools for learning. All children should be looked after as we will be the next generation of the world.

I think technology companies that invent new ways of learning should support the third world countries. They can also lower their prices especially when it comes to the poorest schools. This is so that developing countries can access the latest technologies as well. Some may see this as a problem especially the technology companies. They would be losing money so I think the government has to support as well.

Respect and values play a big part in society. In the world people have different views on what’s equal and fair. I think it would be a good idea to change things by putting in a behaviour system. I think people caught being disrespectful or unfair should be fined depending on the severity of their behaviour. This will not apply everywhere, for example in schools or collages. Especially pupils who are aged 18 and over. They will not be fined for this as schools have their own behaviour policies and rules in place. This will benefit many people and it will help people feel less discriminated and more open-mined about the way they treat other people. It will also help people become more respectful and friendly to one another and less hostile.

Experiences do shape the way you view the world. I believe that everyone should have a wholesome experience. Experiences are useful as it will help shape your character especially younger kids. It will give them a taste of something they can do later on in life for example a job. This is very important as experiences shape people. This also has an effect on how people will turn out later on in life.

The environment around us is very important. I always try to help the environment in the best way I can. I put things in the bin and recycling. In primary school I was part of the eco council. That helped me to see what is happening to the world and the environment.

I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday and sometimes on Fridays. Being a Christian has shaped my view when it comes to certain things. If I was not a Christian I do not know where I would be today. I read the Bible every day and I pray every day.

I am a son, brother, friend, pupil and so on. With all these different positions in my life, I have learned to adapt in whatever situation I am in.

In conclusion the ideas and topics I have discussed has changed my view on society. These specific topics have shaped me and helped me to see how the world is.

By Ephraim Oduro-Gyamfi

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