It is great to finally meet with you. Glad you are here with us today. It is our hope that you experience the love of Christ and His presence as you scroll through. Do let us know when you are coming around to visit any of our services so we can shake your hand and share a cup of tea. 


We seek to encourage all by giving hope. Serving the community is our way of showing the love and heart of God for the world. The word of God is the Bible and this is the Good News we seek to share.


One of the ways we grow as disciples of jesus is by having strong pillars with a deep foundation.  Our Ministries are well routed in the principles of the word of God. 


Engaging in service leads to a change of life. We care about the community as much as those well grounded in our church. Variety in service keeps us eager.

Looking to fellowship? Join us!

Why don't you pop in this weekend or on our service days and we will be happy to welcome you and share our love, passion and the joy of Jesus Christ. 

The GracePoint, 161-169 Essex Road, Islington, London. N1 2SN. info@resman.org

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